800W Quartz Heater


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This portable heater provides instant heat to the surrounding area it is placed in. Each heater is portable and lightweight and features overheat protection and built-in safety features and overheat protection. The heater features a built-in carry handle, mesh safety guard and a built-in tip-over switch at the base. Each heater has a control dial at the front with 0= OFF 1= 400W 2=800W. Each heater has a 1.3m power cable, perfect for plugging in any room within the house. The Sleek modern design will discreetly blend in with any interior decor. Power consumption 800w (400w + 400w) Rated voltage 220- 240v. Packaged Dimensions:25.8 x 9 x 37cm Product Dimensions:37 x 7 x 25cm Packaged Weight: 0.855kg Materials:Plastic,Metal, electrical component, Heat elements Packaging:Full colour box

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