Solar Powered Fluttering Butterfly Stake


Solar Powered Fluttering Butterfly Stake

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These water-resistant fluttering butterfly stakes will make a great garden addition. Each butterfly is constructed from plastic.Easy and convenient to set up the butterfly stakes require no wiring. The integrated solar panel converts daylight into energy, thus when placed in sunlight the butterfly will pick up motion and increasingly flutter.The fluttering stake can be placed in garden borders, plant pots to give the impression of a real butterfly. A great product all year round as each butterfly is weather resistant.Each carton contains three assorted colours.Yellow Blue Red Packaged Dimensions: 8 x 8.1 x 14cm Product Dimensions:Butterfly 7.5 x 8cm, Wire length 26cm Packaged Weight: 0.107kg Materials: Plastic,Wire Packaging: 2 PLY cardboard printed box

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